About us

Solution Based Strategy

The HYGIX brand was developed with intention to expand Sanichem’s vision of offering “Hospital Grade Infection Control Solutions” into the commercial sector.

This was born out of the COVID19 pandemic that created a need for the marketplace to ensure an environment , whether at home or at work, to be free of possible infection.

HYGIX is a solution based brand that focuses its efforts to provide products and services or a combination of both to ensure peace of mind to its customers so that they can focus their efforts in sustaining and growing their businesses in an economy with exacerbated challenges.

With the infrastructure of our disinfection experts at Sanichem and our global Import & Export Division at EastGateSourcing, we offer World Class, Hospital Grade Infection Control Solutions.

Check below for more information on our multi-phased strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer both products and services?

Yes, we offer a complete hygiene solution. From hospital grade disinfection to specialized safety standards, we are here to make your environment safe.

How much does a disinfection solution cost?

Absolutely FREE !!!
Our experts are here to keep you safe and information is important for everyone. We believe it is our duty to make sure your safety comes first.

We will put together a complete hygiene and disinfection solution for you or your business.

How do I make an order?

You can request a quotation or can speak directly to one of our friendly agents.

They will facilitate your whole experience, from making an order to the lead time of delivery.

Which Countries do we provide infection control?

Although we are establish in South Africa, thanks to EastGateSourcing, some of our happy customers are spread world wide. 

Our experts will assess your specific needs and provide you with a customised solution to import & export our products in the most cost effective way.

The reason we are so awesome is because of the value we add in professional services beyond our Hospital Grade Products. Click on the services below for more information or chat with one of our agents.

The HYGIX strategy is multi-phased:

  • Assess Risk

  • Determine Needs

  • Implement Infection Control Solutions

  • Maintain an infection free environment

  • Clinical intervention to confirm infection

  • Decontaminate and restore the workplace